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About The Pottery Network

Having fallen for the art of Pottery at the young age of 15, I’m well aware of how easily this art can become a lifelong passion. Bringing you fresh content curated for potters, studio owners and hobbyists alike, we’re sure there’s something for you here.

I hope becomes your favorite online resource for all things clay. Happy reading!

-Kari, Founder of

The Pottery Network – How It Started

I fell for the art of wheel thrown pottery at the age of 15, and I fell hard. Pottery can be an overwhelming hobby for a beginner, but it can also be a rewarding life-long passion. And for a lucky few, it’s their livelihood. I still work in the studio to this day (in my mid-40s) and I love seeing the renewed interest in the ceramic arts that seems to be more prevalent in recent years! is committed to delivering content that gives Potters easy access to the resources they need to pursue their passion. After all, isn’t that what we’re all seeking?

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a pro, your studio should be a space that brings you happiness and allows you to hone your craft. You can rely on us gathering the content you need to make informed decisions for your studio, and to grow as an artist.

There are so many layers to the world of pottery. But it takes an incredible amount of research to understand it all. It’s easy to get in over your head when trying to evaluate and select the best equipment for your studio, the best kind of clay for your projects, the chemistry of glazes and the types and temperatures of kilns and firing techniques, (to name just a few).

From clay to kiln (and beyond!), it’s our hope to bring you the highlights to help you progress as an artist (and maybe even a studio owner). Thanks for being here. We hope will help make it possible for you to spend less time researching, and more time with your hands in the clay!

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