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Browse Our Curated Gift Ideas For Potters + Ceramic Artists, Where You’re Sure To Find The Best Gifts For Potters, For Any Occasion!

If you’re seeing the best gifts for Potters, you’ve come to the right place. We have lots of detailed posts with useful roundups of things like Potters’ tools and accessories if you want to explore ideas beyond this gift guide. If you need more gift ideas, we have some great book options, popular aprons and overalls for staying clean, and some handy tool bags for potters that utilize a studio away from home. We’re confident you’ll find a gift here for every Potter on your list!

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Unique Gifts For Pottery Lovers | 9 Great Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Potter

If you’re hunting for unique gift ideas for your favorite pottery lover, this round up is for you. While it’s nice to consider gifting a pottery specific item, sometimes it’s hard to know what would be useful to a Potter in their studio (or what tools and gadgets they might already have). Instead of guessing,…

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Best Useful Gift Ideas For Potters and Ceramic Artists – These Are The Best Gifts For Potters For Any Occasion!

Great Last Minute or Holiday Gift Options!

Gift Idea # 1: A Claypron (Split Apron)

Any Ceramicist or Potter will appreciate tools that help keep them clean in the studio. In fact, it’s nice to have several of these around! This particular Claypron is split-leg style, making it the ideal design for artists who spend a lot of time working on the Potter’s Wheel. This practical gift is sure to be put to good use, and comes in several colors.

Gift Idea #2: A Quality Pair Of Studio Overalls

Some Potters (like me!) prefer a pair of studio overalls to an apron. My absolute fave? These Carhartt, relaxed fit duck bibs. I like the Men’s relaxed fit to ensure they go-on easily over other pants. These are practical for anyone who routinely works with clay and are made of a thick canvas fabric to stand the test of time. Bonus points: They keep you warmer in the studio!

Gift Idea # 3: Canvas Tool Tote by Dickies

This tote is the perfect option for Potters using a shared studio space, where they bring their own tools.

There are several styles of tool totes out there, but this one is my favorite for beginner to intermediate Potters. It has loops and pockets to keep tools orderly (and makes them easy to find). The middle keeps all the extras close while crafting.

Small (But Practical!) Gifts For Potters and Ceramic Artists

You can’t go wrong with these classic Pottery necessities. You don’t have to spend a lot to make your favorite Potter smile!

Useful Gifts For Potters: Mudtools Sponge / Shaping Set

Any Potter who uses the Potter’s Wheel will appreciate a set like this. It’s nicer than the typical sponge set they might buy for themselves, and will allow them to experiment with different textured sponges and shapes. Having new sponges is like a having a fresh box of crayons. With the unique shape and assorted textures, of this set they might discover a new favorite!

Useful Gifts For Potters: Diamond Sanding Blocks For Finishing

To keep the bottom of finished pieces smooth (so they doesn’t scratch up tables and countertops), Potters use these sanding blocks to smooth and finish things like mugs and bowls after firing.

A fresh set of sanding blocks is sure to come in handy for the Potter who makes a lot of tableware.

Useful Gifts For The Pottery Studio: Accutek Digital Scale

It’s not glamorous, but a compact all-in-one digital scale is a workhorse in the Potter’s studio! Whether measuring clay, or ingredients for a glaze recipe, this essential tool is a practical and useful gift for a Potter. This one (Accutek brand) is the right combination of quality and budget friendly, and has a weight capacity of up to 50 lbs.

More Gift Ideas For Pottery Enthusiasts

Pottery Books Make Some Of The Best Gifts For Potters At All Levels! Here Are Some Best Selling Books / Top Titles For Ceramicists

Best Pottery Books For Aspiring or Beginner/Intermediate Potters

Complete Pottery Techniques Book

This will become a go-to guide for any Potter, but is especially useful for those just starting out. It covers both throwing (Potter’s Wheel) and hand building techniques, and has lots of how-to, step-by-step tutorials.

The Ceramics Bible Book (Revised)

This updated edition is a must-have title for any Potter. Loaded with photos and step-by-step guidance on just about every technique you can imagine – this makes a great reference (and coffee table) book!

Mastering The Potter’s Wheel Book

For the Artist intent at mastering his or her craft on the potter’s wheel, this title is ideal. It will take them all the way from beginner, to mastering varied approaches to common forms. It’s sure to inspire your favorite Potter!

Best Pottery Books For More Advanced Potters

Amazing Glaze Book

Perfect for the Potter who’s ready to venture into the world of mixing their own glaze! Mixing glazes is a great way for a Potter to save money. This practical title is filled with information on glazing techniques, and includes tried-and-true recipes as a starting point for experimenting.

Wild Clay Book

For the potters who aspire to push the boundaries of their craft, this title is a sure winner. Covering naturally sourced resources for Potters (for both clay and glaze), artists will be inspired and might look at their local landscape differently after reading this.

Amazing Glaze Recipes And Combinations Book

A recipe-filled title, this is packed with glazes for various techniques. Part of a series, it’s a great succession to the Amazing Glaze title. Potters will feel confident trying new techniques and exploring new combinations.

Need More Ideas For Gifts For Someone Who Does Pottery? Browse These Additional Gift Guides (Specific, By Gift Type) To Find That Perfect Pottery Gift!

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