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The 12 Best Pottery Aprons (and Bib Overall Options) For The Ceramics Studio

When choosing an apron or pair of bibs for the Ceramics studio, there are a few things that stand out as considerations. You don’t have to spend a lot on a pottery apron to find one that will perform well for the long haul. But this isn’t a place to skimp, either. After all, it’s going to be up front and center to alllll the messes… so it’s best to aim for quality as much as affordability here. A smart purchase will keep you from having to re-purchase in the near term, and we’ll call that a win! You can’t go wrong with any of these options – we think they’re the best pottery aprons from across the web!

If you’re a pottery beginner, be sure to check out our first time pottery class article, as well our recommendations for the best pottery tools for beginners!

Ready For All The Dirty Details On The Best Aprons To Keep Clean In The Studio?

Best Aprons For Potters (A Roundup)

There are so many aprons on the market for crafters, finding one that’s actually cut out for the studio can make your head spin like a Potter’s wheel. But we’ve narrowed down the top contenders we think you should consider if you’re in the market for a Potter’s apron.

Best Pottery Apron – The Claypron

This Is Our #1 Recommended, Best Of Winner For Pottery Aprons

This is the pottery apron I use in my own studio, and it gets the top recommendation for many reasons. It’s available from several different sources, and is ideal for pottery work! If you’re willing to splurge a bit, you can’t go wrong with this option.

The Claypron Artist’s Apron (Olive Green)

Longer than the picture makes it look – this split style apron will work for even tall Potters. It covers down to well below the knee. 100% Cotton, and highly rated across categories, this Brand comes in several colors and is well loved by studio Potters for good reason!

Mine has been through the wash many times and is holding up very well. The stitching is high quality, so if you want an apron that will stand the test of time, and hold up well in the studio, the Claypron will not disappoint!

The Claypron Artist’s Split Apron (Oatmeal)

Longer than the picture makes it look – this split style apron will work for even tall Potters. It covers down to well below the knee. 100% Cotton, and highly rated across categories, this Brand comes in several colors and is well loved by studio Potters for good reason!

Best Budget Pottery Aprons

Dickies Toolmaker’s Apron

An affordable option, from a brand you can trust. This is a solid choice on a budget – with brass grommets and durable fabric. Works for both men and women, and has nice deep bottom pockets.

AFUN Adjustable Work Apron

If you don’t mind going off-brand, this is a well-rated option on Amazon. This heavy duty canvas apron has nice pockets. Reinforced with grommets and a cross back design for comfort – this is a very decent, well performing (but budget friendly) option. Available in many colors, with quick shipping, and won’t break the bank!

Vantoo Professional Denim Apron

Thick denim, built for professional use. This is durable and includes several pockets, (perfect for a cell phone)! The neck strap is adjustable, and length goes about to the knee (depending on height, of course). This is a good budget option, and the thick denim will keep you dry and will soften over time.

Caldo Linen Apron

Marketed as a chef’s apron, I’m including this one as a lighterweight option. Excellent pockets, and convenient front tie, it’s super comfortable and is best suited for light work days when you don’t need as much moisture protection.

Best Pottery Aprons / Artist Aprons For Men

Carrotez Crossback Adjustable Apron

Poly / Cotton blend, lint-free and soft to the touch. Chest to knee coverage, so it will cover the lap, even when sitting at the wheel. Extra long straps (with quick release buckle) and double stitched seams for durability. Heavy duty, yet lightweight with plenty of pockets!

Under NY Sky Pottery Apron

This split leg style apron is made of durable twill material, and has reinforced stitching. Adjustable cross-back fit, and it overlaps generously in the lap area for good coverage at the Potter’s wheel. Fabric is thick enough for wet protection, and it features leather details.

Best Bib Overalls For Potters (A Roundup)

If you’re like me, you might be team overalls. Meaning, I would rather slip on a pair of bibs over whatever I’m wearing, than tie on an apron. In this case sizing is everything. For example, I’m typically a size womens small or medium. For studio bibs, I deliberately seek out Men’s relaxed fit bibs, or lean to a larger size to ensure that they will slide easily on over whatever I’m wearing. Just be aware of the length, so the larger size doesn’t post a trip hazard.

Not only do bibs keep me cleaner than the typical apron… but they also keep me warmer in the studio. That’s a serious bonus for me, since I am always freezing)!

Carhartt Men’s Relaxed Fit Duck Bibs

(Remember to size up for ease of fit over other clothes, and Mens sizing can work well for Women!) These are super high quality, from the thick canvas material to the metal adjusters and buttons… these bibs will last a lifetime. These are a bit of a splurge, but they do an unbeatable job for you in the studio… even on the especially messy days.

Carhartt Women’s Weathered Wildwood Duck Bibs

A Women’s version similar to the above, these relaxed fit Carhartts are built to last a lifetime. You may wish to size up for ease of fit over other clothes. These are what I wear in the studio myself. Mine have also seen some home renovation projects, and they continue to perform incredibly well!

Dickies Painters Bibs – Unisex

At a more affordable price point than Carhartt, the Dickies Painters Bibs are a great option as well. These are designed specifically for professional use from a reliable brand. Triple stitched seams and 100% cotton make these durable and comfortable.

Classic Alternatives To Pottery Aprons

If you’d rather not wear either a craft apron OR a pair of bibs, there’s a good chance that an oversized shirt will suffice. It depends on exactly what you’re doing in the studio, of course… but for less wet and messy days, a good work shirt can come in very handy. It’s also nice to have several options in case something is being washed or you have extra people with you in the studio.

Dickies Short Sleeve Coveralls

You can’t go wrong with full coveralls, for Men and Women. If you want excellent coverage with an easy slip on / slip off design, these are ideal. These are quick on and off (with snaps!) for over other clothing. If these can stand up for an auto mechanic, they’ll suffice in the Pottery Studio! Poly cotton blend is soft and forgiving.

Top 6 Considerations When Considering Pottery Aprons Or Bib Overalls For Pottery + Ceramics:


I can usually tell just by looking at an apron whether the fabric is going to be durable enough for the studio. Clay is an incredibly drying material, and it gets stuck and splattered and really into the fibers of a fabric. Durability is a must if an apron or pair of bibs is going to hold up in the studio.


Thickness can be a double edged sword. You want a material that’s thick enough to keep moisture out, but not so rigid that it doesn’t fold with your body when you’re seated at the wheel.

Moisture Resistance

It goes without saying that you don’t want to be splattered with slip and then feel it soak through your apron or bibs. Moisture wicking materials (or thick fabrics that are moisture resistant) are high on my priority list.


Aprons get SO dirty. So plan on lots of washings, and make sure that the construction of the piece is solid enough to withstand the extra tumbling in the washer and dryer on a regular basis. I’d suggest looking closely at the ties, grommets, metal adjusters and the stitching for signs of weakness. If anything appears cheap or breakable – it’s a hard pass.


The bulkiness of an aprons and bib overalls are in a battle between good coverage and staying out of your way while you work. Find the right balance of the two, and you won’t even remember that you’re wearing anything out of the ordinary. Just how you want it.


Finally, it goes without saying that these have to be comfortable. Some typical pain points for aprons are at the back of the neck (no bulky knots here, please). Avoid anything with big tags or metal adjusters in areas that will come into contact with your neck press into your lower back when bending over, and anything that’s cumbersome or gets in the way of your natural movement.

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