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Funny Gifts For Potters: Every Occasion Gifts To Delight A Potter

When it comes to gift giving, selecting something with a bit of personality goes a long way. If you have an occasion to choose a gift for a Pottery lover, we have rounded up a few of the best, funny gifts for Potters to choose from. They’re good for a laugh (but useful!) gifts that any ceramic artist is sure to love. You might also like this post, which has more gift ideas!

No matter the occasion, you’re sure to get a smile when you gift any of these items from our roundup of funny gifts for potters! They’ll appreciate the gesture of a personalized gift, and you’ll appreciate the smile and genuine thanks you get in return. So go ahead, make a Potter laugh today! And if you’re looking for a more practical gift, check out our pottery tool bag roundup or our best pottery apron post!

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Funny Gifts For Potters – Best Gift Ideas

I Throw Things Shirt

This shirt comes in a variety of colors and in both Men’s and Women’s fits. It’s clever and yet not too cheesy, (so it will actually get worn)!

Pottery Pun Pillow – A Great Option If You’re Looking For Funny Gifts For Potters!

Totally kiln it. This pillow is perfect for a potter, and comes in 2 different sizes!

Pot Dealer Pouch

With all the tiny tools of the trade, your favorite ceramicist is sure to find treasures to keep in this pouch!

Keep Calm + Open The Kiln Shirt

Any Potter knows it’s impossible to do this. Opening the kiln is the most anticipated of events in the studio.

Keeping calm is not an option.

Pot Dealer Decorative Throw Pillow

Maybe you know someone who’s both a ‘pot’ dealer, and a pot dealer. Bonus points for this gift, if so!

But either way, it’ll get a laugh.

Mud Slinging Pyromaniac Shirt

Do you know a mud slinging pyromaniac?

It’s so true, it’s funny!

Seize The Clay Shirt – Funny Gift Idea For Potters

The pottery puns are many. This tee will be a favorite in and out of the studio!

This t-shirt is sure to make your favorite Potter smile, and they’ll think of when they wear it.

I’ve Been Known To Throw Things Hoodie

Especially perfect if you know a Potter with a short temper.

We’re guessing it’ll get a lot of wear, either way!

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