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Unique Gifts For Pottery Lovers | 9 Great Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Potter

If you’re hunting for unique gift ideas for your favorite pottery lover, this round up is for you. While it’s nice to consider gifting a pottery specific item, sometimes it’s hard to know what would be useful to a Potter in their studio (or what tools and gadgets they might already have).

Instead of guessing, consider one of the many items below. These are thoughtful and unique gifts for Pottery lovers that are sure to please (and you don’t need to know things like the diameter of their pottery wheel head or their favorite brand of trimming tools in order to get it right).

These gift ideas are thoughtful, pertinent to their favorite hobby, and you can be sure they’ll be put to good use. If you’re looking for a very specific gift, you might also find inspiration on our specific recommendations for pottery tool bags, pottery tool sets for beginners, and the best pottery aprons!

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Gift Ideas For Potters – An ‘All Occasion’ Round Up Of Unique Gifts For Pottery Lovers

Pottery Tools Themed Canvas Tote Bag

If you know a pottery lover, this is a unique and useful gift idea! If they take classes or attend studio time at a community pottery studio, this will house all of their belongings in style as they come and go from class.

And if your favorite potter has their own home studio, this bag will show off their love for pottery everywhere they go!

Totally Kiln It T-Shirt

It’s an every-day sort of shirt, but will make a Potter smile. This tee is available in multiple colors, and in Men’s, Women’s and Youth sizes! It’s sure to please any pottery maker.

Glazed + Confused’ Potter’s Water Bottle

This quality water bottle is made of stainless steel, and will last for the long haul. Featuring the words, ‘glazed and confused’, it’s perfect for anyone who dabbles in pottery!

Pottery Journal

There are a zillion things a potter can keep track of in the studio… from notes about project ideas, to glaze recipes, and sketches… any pottery will love to have a home for their pottery musings!

‘I’d Rather Be Making Pottery’ Trucker Hat

This hat would make a great gift for a potter, and it won’t break the bank, either! It’s stylish and neutral in color, so it’ll go with everything!

Quality construction and nice fit, this 6 panel trucker style hat is sure to be a new favorite!

Bluetooth Headphones

If the Potter on your wish list is spending a lot of time in the studio, this might be the gift they never knew they needed! They can switch on a podcast, or rock out to the music of their choice, without bothering anyone around them.

Even better, they won’t have to worry that one of their (probably expensive) earbuds will fall out into their clay/splashpan/glaze bucket, while they’re contorting themselves over clay (the way that only a potter tends to do).

Eat, Clay Love Women’s T-Shirt For Pottery Lovers

This adorable t-shirt is perfect for the female pottery lover on your gift list! It’s customizable by color, and comes in a variety of different shirt style options. We know this gift will delight your favorite pottery lover!

‘Clay Whisperer’ Potter’s Apron

Every Potter can use an apron (or another one). Honestly. This one is simple in design, and great for a male or female potter!

Pottery Knowledge Tin Sign / Wall Art

Brimming with useful pottery intel (like a kiln temperature chart, for example)… this super cool tin sign will look great on the wall, but also come in handy for reference!

Perfect for a bedroom or studio wall, as a unique pottery themed gift!

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