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Best Pottery Tool Bags For 2024: 7 Options For Your Ceramics Tools

When coming and going to Pottery class (or for any art studio session), having a quick and easy way to store your tools is essential. When trying to find the best pottery tool bag for your needs, there are a few things that stand out as considerations.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to spend a lot on a pottery tool bag, but you do want to find one that will perform well for the long haul. This should be convenient to get tools into and out of, and reasonably able to handle the messes that come with the Potter’s studio.

I like a zippered pouch best, so long as it fits easily on the front of my wheel. My favorite style bag sits flat, with a top that zips open around the edge so it can open like a lid/flap). However, this round up includes a few different styles. Any of these are a solid choice to hold your tools as you come and go from your Pottery class.

Our #1 Recommended Pottery Tool Bag:

This RoughEnough brand canvas zipper tool pouch is perfect for the Pottery Studio!

Large enough to hold all your tools + sponges and a clean up rag, you’ll have room for all the essentials, plus an easy access design that opens up like a zippered lid!

Also Available In Slightly Smaller Pencil Case Size HERE

Here is a photo of my #1 pick, Rough Enough brand tool bag at work atop my wheel. See below for links and more details!

Pictured: My tool bag, hard at work while I finished up trimming a foot rim, using the Original Giffin Grip.

I like this style because it is very easy to zip up and carry… but it also unzips and opens like a lid. This feature gives me excellent access to my tools while I’m throwing.

This bag easily fits on the table top area of most wheels, as you can see here. This is pictured on the table top area of a manual kick wheel, but this bag fits on the other wheels I frequently use: The Brent Model B and Shimpo-Nidec VL Whisper Potters Wheel as well! The material, construction and zippers are all very high quality, and it’s large enough to fit a small towel, extra sponges, etc.

Top 3 Pottery Tool Bag Options – Read More About Them (And Others!) Below:

Top 3 Considerations When Choosing A Bag For Pottery Tools:

Closure Type (and Quality)

When you have clay (or slip) all over your hands, you don’t want a bag that’s fussy. My favorite type of tool bag has a zipper closure, but you’ll want the style that you find the easiest to manage. Make sure if it does have a zipper, that’s it’s a sturdy one that functions smoothly. It’s a balance between keeping things orderly and collected together, and being able to easily grab what you need (or toss it back into the bag when you’re finished).

Thickness / Durability of Material

Your tool bag doesn’t have to be made of anything crazy, but should at least be constructed of a sturdy fabric or other heavy duty material. Many of the tools you’ll be using at the Potters wheel have sharp points or edges, so at a minimum the material should stand up to the poking and sharp edges of the contents.

Moisture Resistance

Finally, you’ll want to consider moisture resistance. Inevitably, tools and sponges and things will be in and out of your bag carrying some moisture. Your bag needn’t be water proof but it should have some tolerance to getting wet.

Ready For All The Dirty Details On The Best Pottery Tool Bags To Keep Your Tools Together In The Ceramics Studio?

Best Pottery Tool Bag For Potters (A Roundup)

There’s no shortage of options out there for zippered bags that will work for carrying and storing your Pottery tools, but some materials and storage options hold up better than others in the ceramics studio. Here are our top picks for pottery tool bags!

Best Zip Up / Handled Pottery Tool Bags


Our #1 Pick – RoughEnough Small Tool Canvas Zipper Bag

This is hands-down our #1 choice for pottery tools. Small(ish), but deep enough for a rag and sponges… and sturdy storage opens up on top, like a lid for easy access to all of your tools. This will easily fit on the front of the Potters Wheel for easy access to your tools while you throw. With a YKK zipper construction, and durable canvas w/ padded lining, your tools will be protected and this bag holds up well over time!

This case is on the roomy side, but that means it’s big enough to fit a washcloth or hand towel sized clean up rag, in addition to some sponges and all your tools.

If you don’t need the extra space, this smaller version of the same tool bag may be a better size for you.

Bonus: handy pouch for carrying with ease and you come and go from the studio! Available in multiple colors.

SOOLLA Brand Canvas Studio Pottery Tool Bag

If you’re looking for a manageable bag with a little more space, this canvas option by Soolla is for you! Available in a WIDE variety of colors, it has loads of space for clay, towels, sponges, etc. plus a variety of conveniently sized tool pouches around the outside. This design keeps everything organized and easy to access. The best part? It’s made of a soft canvas and is easy to machine wash!

From carving tools to ribs, and everything in between, the Soolla has a space for it, and the quality is worth the price.

KALIDI Brand Canvas Tool Zipper Bag

This option is another zip-top option, which makes for a practical pottery tool bag. Made of canvas, with a zipper top that opens lid-style, this is the perfect size to hold pottery tools, with room for plenty of extras like sponges, a small clean up towel, etc.

MeloTough Water Proof Material + Mesh Zippered Tool Bags (2-Pack)

These bags are as durable as they get! Designed for heavy duty use, they’ll easily handle sharp pottery tools, while allowing damp items to dry out through the mesh section at the bottom. Quality zippers and carry handles make these a no-brainer for the Pottery studio, plus they’ll easily wipe clean when you splatter clay!


Readywares 4-Pack Of Waxed Canvas Zipper Bags

Maybe a 4-pack is overkill, but it’ll keep you from having to choose between these amazing earth tone options! Made of a durable waxed canvas for a nice moisture barrier. Bonus: these have a brass zipper, that’ll stand the test of time!

pack all Mesh Zipper Pouch For Ceramic Tools

Budget friendly and made of durable mesh, it will be both easy on the pocketbook, and easy to spot the tools you’re looking for in this airy but durable bag. It’s the perfect size for pottery tools, will allow damp sponges and slip covered handles to dry out, and it will even easily clip onto another bag for easy carrying!

Best Roll-Up Style Pottery Tool Bag


Carhartt Legacy Tool Roll For Ceramic Tool Organization

Larger than the picture makes it look – this roll up style tool pouch will absorb excess moisture, and allow tools to air out while staying neatly organized! Opens up flat for easy access to everything you need at the wheel, but rolls up into a super easy-to-carry pottery tool bag that’s from a brand you can trust for quality!

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