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Best Pottery Books: 7 Inspiring Titles For Potters

If you’re looking for an inspiring pottery book, any of these incredible titles would make a great choice. In fact, I think these are some of the best pottery books around… so they’d make a great gift for your favorite potter, too!

As you browse title, note that I’ve included a brief description of each – as well as grouped them into Beginner vs. Advanced subject matter in case you are considering one as a gift. These are titles you’ll find yourself coming back to time after time, as the techniques and expertise shared in each is timeless. So, read on to discover the best pottery books for yourself!

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Best Pottery Books For Aspiring or Beginner/Intermediate Potters

Carve Your Clay Book

This book will inspire you to think outside the box with your wheel thrown forms. Just when you think a piece is finished, you can bring it to life. The textures and photos are so gorgeous and this makes a great coffee table book or addition to your studio collection. Trust us, you’re going to want to order a set of pottery carving tools as well!

Complete Pottery Techniques Book

This will become a go-to guide for any Potter, but is especially useful for those just starting out. It covers both throwing (Potter’s Wheel) and hand building techniques, and has lots of how-to, step-by-step tutorials.

The Ceramics Bible Book (Revised)

This updated edition is a must-have title for any Potter. Loaded with photos and step-by-step guidance on just about every technique you can imagine – this makes a great reference (and coffee table) book!

Mastering The Potter’s Wheel Book

For the Artist intent at mastering his or her craft on the potter’s wheel, this title is ideal. It will take them all the way from beginner, to mastering varied approaches to common forms. It’s sure to inspire your favorite Potter!

Best Pottery Books For More Advanced Potters

Amazing Glaze Book

Perfect for the Potter who’s ready to venture into the world of mixing their own glaze! Mixing glazes is a great way for a Potter to save money. This practical title is filled with information on glazing techniques, and includes tried-and-true recipes as a starting point for experimenting.

Wild Clay Book

For the potters who aspire to push the boundaries of their craft, this title is a sure winner. Covering naturally sourced resources for Potters (for both clay and glaze), artists will be inspired and might look at their local landscape differently after reading this.

Amazing Glaze Recipes And Combinations Book

A recipe-filled title, this is packed with glazes for various techniques. Part of a series, it’s a great succession to the Amazing Glaze title. Potters will feel confident trying new techniques and exploring new combinations.

I know you’ll enjoy any of these titles (if you don’t already have them). Do you have a favorite that I failed to include? Drop me a comment below, and I’d love to add to this list over time.

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