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Best Kiln Gloves 2024: High Heat Hand Protection For The Pottery Studio


When you’re spending a lot of time in the studio, your kiln firings become more frequent. It only takes one time of eagerly unpacking the kiln too soon, and receiving a burn (not to mention the risk of dropping a hot piece of fired pottery!) for a potter to realize why a good pair of kiln gloves is a good investment.

Read on to find great options for protecting your hands when you’re unloading the kiln!

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When it comes to protection from the high temperatures of a kiln, high heat gloves are a must. Fired pottery can hold heat for an unexpectedly long period of time after the kiln is finished firing, so keeping your fingers and forearms protected when you get a little too eager unloading the kiln is a must!

Kiln Gloves – Best High Heat Protective Materials

High heat gloves are often made of leather, Kevlar or derivatives of glass or aluminum. These are all great materials to consider when looking for a good pair of kiln gloves. These materials have excellent insulative properties and ability to protect tender skin from the otherwise blistering heat of the pottery kiln, and fired pottery inside.

High Heat Gloves vs. Kiln Gloves

High heat gloves are a practical solution for anyone that works with hot materials. Typically, this type of protective specialized gloves can safely withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. But, as you can imagine, that won’t quite cut it for gloves like these are not suitable for the high temperatures of the kiln.

Best Long Kiln Glove Options

RAPICCA Heat/Fire Resistant Gloves

Rated for up to 932 degrees F, these long kiln gloves are our top pick for protecting your hands and forearms in the pottery studio!

Extra long style will keep you protected from the high temps of the kiln while you unload! These are made with Kevlar and air isolated aluminum foil for the best insulation from heat without being overly bulky.

WZQH Heat Resistant Gloves

Rated for up to 932 degrees F, these 1.2mm thick gloves are made with cowhide with a soft cotton interior, and are sure to keep your hands safe when unloading the kiln!

A combo of thick, cowhide leather and insulation of air isolated aluminum foil offers excellent heat protection at a super affordable price!

Guardian Sports Gear Brand Long Sleeve High Heat Gloves

Rated for up to 932 degrees F, these long sleeve style kiln gloves are a great budget friendly option for safety gloves!

Made with both leather and Kevlar stitching, these budget friendly kiln gloves will be sufficient for protecting your hands from the high temps you face when unloading the pottery kiln!

Best Regular / Short Fit Kiln Gloves

Glass Cloth Blend Gloves

Rated for up to 1000 degrees, this pair of glass cloth gloves is pottery studio worthy!

While these gloves are highly rated for comfort and not too bulky, it is important to note that they don’t offer a lot of protection for the wrist and forearm. Otherwise, they’re a great option for anyone looking for a quality pair of kiln gloves that won’t be cumbersome to work in.

With the right pair of gloves appropriate for kiln use, potters can feel confident in their safety while performing day to day tasks around the pottery studio kiln!

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