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Best Clay Wedging Table For Pottery Studios: Affordable Options

Considerations for the ideal clay wedging table are many. However, you need not break the budget to have a solid, functional clay wedging table for your home studio!

It can be tempting to spring for a fancy work table that’s especially suited for wedging clay. I’m here to give you an alternative option that will cost you a fraction of the price! This options will also allow you some serious flexibility if your needs evolve over time. Read on to learn why you might NOT want to spend a fortune on a fancy clay wedging table!

If you’re new to Pottery, this article about clay wedging basics might be a good place to start.

The Best Clay Wedging Table For Your Home Pottery Studio

What You’ll Need To Create This Affordable Clay Wedging Table:

A Wedging Board Of Your Choice

This Incredibly Sturdy, Affordable + Versatile Work Table

A Small Bit Of Non-Stick Rug Pad, Cut To Size

How To Set Up Your Wedging Table For A Home Pottery Studio

The setup for this home pottery studio clay wedging table solution is pretty straightforward. Simply designate one side of the table as your wedging space, and adjust the legs to the desired height. I recommend the middle setting, at 34.1″.

Then, after purchasing (or creating) the clay wedging board of your choice, you’ll cut a piece of the non-slip rug pad to the size of your board. This non-slip pad can be placed underneath in the desired location on your table.

This will leave you a large secondary space on the table, that’s open for any other workspace needs you have.

If You’re Not Convinced This Is The Solution For You, Please Read On For The Myriad Of Reasons You Might Reconsider!

This Table Is Better Than A Fancy Wedging Table For Your Home Pottery Studio – And It’s Affordable!

But first… here are a few of the features of this amazing table:

  • Size: 60″ wide, 24″ deep, and adjustable height legs offer 3 height options: 29.7″, 34.1″ and 38.6″. This will accommodate both sitting and standing work options, with a middle option that’s approximately countertop height. Note: there is also a 48″ wide option, for those who are especially tight on space.
  • Built-In Power Outlets and USB plugs for convenience.
  • Constructed of steel (frame) and solid oak (worktop), and available in two frame options (black and grey).
  • With heavy duty non-slip feet, and a max load of 2000 pounds, this work table will handle just about anything you can throw at it!

4 Reasons Why This Table Is An Ideal Wedging Table Option

1. Price – This Affordable Wedging Table Beats The Price Of Most Options By A LOT Of Money!

The top reason to consider alternatives other than a fancy clay wedging table is the cost. With so many expensive items needed to set up a home studio, Potters must find areas for saving money wherever they can.

If you’ve searched online, you know that a plaster topped wedging table will likely start in the $700 range. You can spend a lot more than that if you purchase a larger one.

If price is a factor in your home studio set up, you’ll spend far less with our recommended wedging table set up. We think it’ll function better for you overall, too.

2. Space

Space is generally a major consideration for Potters who are hoping to set up a pottery studio at home. You’ll need various zones of workspace (for many reasons). Ideally, you’ll want to have a designated area for wedging clay, a workspace for glazing bisque ware, and a tabletop space for doing other work.

This can range from using a banding wheel to add details to a piece, to a table top space for use while you attach handles to wheel thrown forms or rolling out slabs for hand building. This table will give you the space to do it all.

Our recommended worktable (though it’s large at 60″ (5 ft.) wide) is actually the ultimate space saver. Let me explain…

The table will function as a wedging table, when equipped with a small piece of non slip rug pad, placed underneath a wedging board of your choice. If your board begins to slip over time, simply clean the surface of the table underneath it, rinse the non-slip rug pad under water, and allow to dry before replacing.

However (and this is when you begin to see the space savings)… if you have a brand new load of bisque ware from the kiln, you can clear the table and use the entire surface as a glazing workstation! There’s no risk of glaze getting into your wedging space, because you can so easily remove your wedging surface and store it away from any splashes or drips!

Note: If your home pottery studio space is truly tight on space, this exact table is also available in a 48″ option, which is still plenty large to accommodate most tasks with ample room to work.

3. Versatility

The adjustable legs might be my favorite part of this awesome work table. You’ll need various zones of workspace (for many reasons). You’ll want to have a designated area for wedging clay, and a workspace for glazing bisque ware. There will be times you need a tabletop space for doing other work on your creations as well.

The legs of this table are adjustable, and the settings offer 3 height options:

29.7″ high (which is ideal for sitting), 34.1″ high (my recommended height for wedging), and also a 38.6″ height option, as a standing height table top.

While it’s sturdy enough (and the perfect height) for wedging, it’ll also adapt to fill the need for a sitting workspace or a standing desk height as well. The ability to change the height makes it versatile enough to meet your every need in the studio! You can simply remove your wedging board, and use the entire surface at the desired height!

4. Fancy Extra Features You Didn’t Know You Needed

This table has some pretty amazing additional features, that make it ideal for a home pottery studio. Besides what we’ve already mentioned above, here are the features that put us over the edge.

These make this table our #1 choice as a clay wedging table for the home studio.

A 29″ Deep Working Surface

This depth is a full 4 inches deeper than your typical kitchen countertop, which means you can store items at the back of the tabletop. You can keep items within reach, without impeding into your workspace.

4 Standard Power Outlets + 2 USB plugs – Built In!

Having a power strip on my work table would have never been on my initial list of requirements, but this comes in SO handy. I can plug in my speaker, and an extra phone charger righ on my work table. Even then, I still have plug space for any powered tools that I plan to use in the studio!

Particularly if your space is limited on power outlets, having this bonus feature on your work table will prevent you from having to use extension cords. As you know, these can create a trip hazard in the studio!

Industrial Style Non-Slip Feet

The table is built to be a workhorse… it won’t slip around, and with it’s 2000 lb. capacity, you’ll be able to wedge without worrying about its stability.

Top 3 Clay Wedging Boards Options: We Recommend Either Of The Following Or You Can Create Your Own Out Of Plaster Or Concrete!

As potters will attest, a wedging surface should be relatively porous in nature. This helps wick excess moisture away as you’re wedging. A finished wood tabletop, or other common materials like stainless steel, formica, etc. are NOT ideal for wedging. As you can imagine, different potters have different preferences for their wedging surface. With this wedging table setup, each potter can choose the size and material that they like to use.

There is no ‘right’ material for wedging, but these are some great options made of commonly preferred materials.

Note: you can also use the bottom (unpolished) underside of a stone countertop remnant, or make your own wedging surface using concrete or plaster. Just keep the weight in mind, if you intend to move it around your studio space.

Our Top Picks For A Clay Wedging Board:

Wood / MDF


DIY Plaster Board

Blick Pottery Plaster No. 1 - Bag, 25 lb

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